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My philosophy to semi permanent makeup is a ‘less is more’ approach, with a very strong focus on the emphasis of a ‘natural enhancement’.

Following my training by the highly accredited Natural Enhancement UK in 2009, I was awarded a position as a Senior Technician. Over the following 2 years, developing my attentions to detail and relentless drive for excellence. Gaining confidence and a thirst to apply my own aesthetics I set up London Permanent Cosmetics.

Complimented by an artistic background, studying Graphic Design at Kingston University and my uncompromising commitment to the best products available on the market, have both gained me a successful career in cosmetic tattooing. I am always utilising the latest technology, precision needles and the exciting advancements in pigments, in return yielding a much more natural looking, longer lasting result.


I am proud that permanent makeup has become a really respected beauty technique, whether it is for the busy ‘low maintenance’ woman, or the women who have professions or hobbies or conditions that mean they cannot wear makeup but still always want to look their best. I also love the ‘life changing’ aspect of my work that support women (and men) through illness.

Sadly there are too many bad examples of permanent makeup around. Bad artistry and cheap pigments being infused into the skin, which will inevitably corrupt into unnatural colours. I have had to support many a tearful woman who has come to me with such examples and it is a long and expensive and not always a hugely successful job to try and correct.

When it comes to your face, never economise. Permanent makeup truly is an art.

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