For your eyes I can create either a subtle outline or defined eyeliner, which will emphasise the lash line, the colour and the shape. The effect makes your lashes look thicker and your eyes larger and lifted.

Thickness and colour is personalised and makeup can be applied over your enhancement for an evening look, for example.

This is also the perfect procedure for you if you suffer from allergies to makeup or pollen…or simply want to avoid makeup smudging, or to always look your best with little to no maintenance!

I can create any look that you desire, from Simple Lash Line to Fine Eyeliner which naturally enhance your eye and make your lashes look thicker through to a Thick Eyeliner and Ultra Thick Eyeliner.

Ultra-Thick Eyeliner

Ultra-thick eyeliner is for the more dramatic look. It is amazing for lifting the corners of the eyes and can be extremely beautiful.

It is perfect for woman who like to wear their eyeliner like this every day, but not recommended for those who prefer a more subtle daily look.

Images are taken immediately after the procedure so some redness or swelling is to be expected.