“I was a nervous patient whose eyebrows had not grown back fully following chemotherapy. Alex spent time with me before the procedure making sure that I was 100% comfortable. I needn’t have worried as it was pretty much painless with amazing results.” Amanda J.

“I had absolutely no eyebrows until I met Alex. She literally has changed my life. My brows are now natural and I really feel and look so much younger. I go back every year for my Colour Boost which keeps them fresh and my confidence high” Sara F.

“Alex was really helpful and persuaded me from going too big and too bold on my brows. I now realise that my expectation of the brows I wanted would have been a disaster and I feel lucky to have had Alex’s artistic and honest imput of  ‘less is more’. I completely trust her and feel so grateful that she stopped me making a massive mistake”. Sarah T.

“It sounds corny but I now literally get up and go! I have beautiful hair stroke brows, eyeliner and lip blush….all I have to do in the mornings is put on powder. Life changing. Cannot rave enough about Alex and permanent makeup! Thank you” Jen G.

“I had a very bad tattoo a few years ago. I was devasted and felt disfigured. I had my brows done at a local beautician as I didn’t research it. I paid £450 and I was in and out within 30 minutes! There was no initial drawing on, I just lay down and trusted in my ignorance that this lady would give me perfect brows. My brows were disastrous and the procedure was incredibly painful and traumatic.  I was left with harsh, sharp and uneven brows and I felt like I should have been on Star Trek. A friend recommended me to Alex, who I feel has literally saved me! She has evened out my brows as much as she could and has softened the harsh angles and uneven hair strokes.  Alex was so patient and took her time.  I only wish I had researched and found her in the beginning. She would have saved me many months of depression. I am so impressed with her artistry and patience and her sensitivity to my situation.” Nat B.

“I am very fair which means my eyelashes are virtually white. I would never go anywhere without mascara as I would feel so self conscious and look washed out. I then started getting conjunctivitis repeatedly which meant I couldn’t use mascara anymore as every time my eyes got better, I would start using mascara again and my infection would return. I was nervous about the procedure as my eyes were sensitive and I was concerned about getting an infection after the tattoo. Alex advised me to use an eye drop during the whole healing process and my eyes were fine. I am delighted with my fine eyeliner, which has subtly defined my eyes and makes me look like I have dark lashes, I might even go a bit thicker next time.” Becky B.

“I was so impressed with the service Alex offered. Her studio is stunning and immaculate and I immediately felt at ease in her professional yet really friendly environment. I am booked in for Hair Simulation Eyebrows after a really great (free) consultation and I cannot wait for my new brows!” Sarah A-J.

“I found Alex on Yell.Com and I was drawn to her as she is a local Mum, which made me feel more relaxed. During my consultation Alex told me of her artistic background and it really hit home that it would be an obvious decision to go with her because of her artistry. My brows are stunning, with each little hair stroke done individually. People keep complimenting me on how well I look and I have even been asked if I’ve had Botox because I clearly looked tired with pathetic brows before! Now I feel and look really fresh faced. Thank you Alex.” Bethan C.

“I adore my Lip Blush, I will never ever let it fade out as I now have a beautiful full pout! Amazing. Hate fillers, so unnatural! Now have full NATURAL looking lips which I LOVE!” Alex R.

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