The Procedure

Firstly we have a consultation together to assess your colourings, face shape and your wishes. This ensures that the correct style and colours are chosen for each individual.

The next appointment will be the first part of the procedure. Using conventional cosmetics I create your desired look, so that you can approve the design before the pigment is infused into the skin. This ensures that you achieve exactly what you desire. It is often the longest part of the appointment as we make tiny adjustments, working together; until we have it perfected. Then we do the tattoo.

For a few days following, particularly with the lips; your chosen enhancement will be darker than the end result once healed. Itwill gradually fade to a result that can last for years.

You can see that I have maximised her lip shape, giving her a much fuller pout

Your next appointment is your re-fill treatment required 3-5 weeks later, to allow for final adjustments to be made either to shape or colour. This is included in the initial costing.

Images are taken immediately after the procedure so some redness or swelling is to be expected.